• Empowering TB Clients programme

    Posted on October 26, 2015 by in Recent News

    tbThe implementation of the Enablers Packages (EnP) programme in the AOB district is to help increase the rate of patient’s adherence for better medical treatment outcome and healthy eating habits. The (EnP) for all identified TB clients included, (5Kg of Rice, 1 liter of Oil, 800Gms of Tin tomatoes 2 and 2Liter fruit juice ) Keba Africa was not implementing the (EnP) programme as a stand-alone measure as the process is to facilitate the process of the Public-Private mix DOTS and the community-based DOTS. Finally, the team decided to provide HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC) services to all TB clients, partners and their family members to help strengthen TB/HIV referral systems in the AOB district of the central region of Ghana

    ·  Provision of community based care via the distribution of food items i.e. Enablers package to all identified TB clients as a result of the Keba Africa, MOH-NTP project

    ·  Identified 31 TB clients 25 males and 6 females offered EnP (5kg of rice, 1litre frytol oil, 800gms tin tomatoes, Gari and 2litre fruit juice).

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