Our Team

Keba Africa has a core team of young professionals from diverse backgrounds, Keba Africa also has a team of volunteers, counsellors and sociologists who assist as guest lecturers and speakers at our workshops and community fora.

Alfred Tsiboe
Holds a Masters Degree in Development Studies from Aalborg University Denmark
Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology.
Tel: +233- 24-37 23 – 820
Dr. Margaret Neizer
HIV/AIDS Specialist
Princess Marie Hospital (James-Town Accra)
Anthony Kofi Yankey
Is an experienced field investigator and has undertaken numerous
HIV/AIDS outreach programmes through out Ghana.
NACP Certified HIV/AIDS Counselor
BA Social Work.
Tel: +233-24-4281 – 292
Benfred Owusu-Amo B. Pharm , Pharm D
University of Florida, Massachussets college of Pharmacy
Financial Management (Cert) Cornell University
Daniel Donkoh
Holds a Bsc Pharmacy Degree from the University of Science and Technology Kumasi.
Tel: +233- 2 4 - 5799 - 373
Ernest Marbell
Holds a masters degree in International relations from the
University of Aalborg , Denmark and Msc.
Public Administration from the City University of New York,
Tel: +001 - 7188 - 010 - 098
Harriet Sam
Certificate in Aviation
NACP Certified Counselor
Tel: +233 - 243 - 655 - 177
Albert Enchill is a master of administration holder from the university of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Tel: +45 - 6166 - 7186
Sandra Brown
Holds a B.A in social work from the University of Legon
Tel: +233 - 24-4996 - 635
Daniel Okine is an accountant and a
Bsc commerce Holder from the University of Cape Coast
Tel: +233 - 244 - 0733 - 48